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The Holly Hills “Neighbor Awareness For Neighbors” (NAFN) program is simply a way of saying that we look out for and try to help each other.  It is this sense of community … of connection, of caring, of support, of involvement … that Holly Hills is known for.  The activities of NAFN include welcoming new residents and assisting families in times of need, neighborhood watch issues, and responding to emergency situations. 

In the event of a major city-wide emergency, the City has suggested that we be prepared to assist our residents, as possible, for up to 72 hours, before City resources may be able to respond. There are five (5) NAFN areas within Holly Hills and each area has a team of individuals who work together, exchange vital information (maintaining confidentiality,) and respond to help with the safety, security, and support or our residents and property.  The teams consist of:

  • Area Coordinator
  • Block Captains
  • Emergency Response Representatives
  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) volunteers
  • Neighbor-to-Neighbor Coordinators

Click Here for Area Assignments By Addresses, NAFN Team Listings, and other helpful documents.

What can residents do? 

  • Complete and provide up-dated information on a Data Sheet and Directory up-date form.  This will enable Block Captains to try and contact someone in the event of any unexpected problem with a resident and/or their home.
  • Get to know their neighbors, block captain and area coordinator.
  • Be alert to any situation that does not appear to be normal.  Write down descriptions, license plate #’s, etc.  Contact the Police at #911 and advise their block captain.
  • Review “What to do when you will be away from home.”
  • Be prepared for emergencies and review the“Household Emergency Preparedness” and the City’s emergency preparedness information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Toby Lane, NAFN Chair, at #345-0220, Chip Evans, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator at #345-0793 or Bob Harman, Emergency Response Coordinator at #258-1175. 

Area Coordinator
Coordinates information, communication, and activities within their area with their Block Captains, ER Reps, CERT, and Neighbor-to-Neighbor Rep(s.)

Block Captains
Principal contact in the Area to communicate with and coordinate assistance for their neighbors.  They maintain confidential resident data, advise residents of neighborhood watch reports and should be contacted by residents (after contacting the Police) of any suspicious occurrences.

Emergency Response Representatives
Coordinates and mobilizes residents with skills and resources to assist others in the event of an emergency.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Training)
These individuals have been trained by the City of Williamsburg and will be the first responders to provide disaster survival and rescue measures.

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Coordinators
Provide a personal touch to welcome new residents, provide information and encourage participation in neighborhood activities, and provide assistance in times of “need” or an emergency situation.

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